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Marquesa understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face with creating, building and growing a business. In her first job out of college in 1993, after earning her Bachelors Degree in Communication and Broadcast Journalism, Marquesa worked as a production assistant for CNN Business News with Lou Dobbs, in Manhattan. She worked her way up to associate producer in nearly five years, during that time Marquesa spent days interviewing, profiling and researching successful business owners. She later decided to support businesses in a different way, by improving the way they communicated with each other for the highest level of productivity. For nearly a decade, Marquesa was a Business Solutions Executive for AT&T Business Markets in Manhattan supporting multi-million dollar client accounts. She was ranked for five years straight as the executive that brought in the highest level of new business in the millions. Her clients included, Apple Bank, Gristides, Tiffany’s, The Museum of TV and Radio, Sumomo and many more. She spent time with CEO and COO’s planning and making decisions related to their telecommunication needs for multiple locations.

In her third and final career of 12 years, also serving entrepreneurs and business owners, included Marquesa traveling all over the world to reinvent employees, teams and leaders. She was a highly requested trainer and conference speaker for hundreds of organizations and businesses. Her life got so hectic and craved more life balance, so she reinvented her business and began serving her clients virtually 70% of the time via her virtual academies and virtual presentations. She also holds her own multi-day Business Reinvention events in NYC focused on strategic positioning, high end signature systems, online/offline scalability and Influence-based marketing. She still enjoys hopping on a plane to spend days with her high end clients. Clients rave about her wide range of knowledge, business savvy and kick butt acumen which leads to the highest level of results.

Marquesa is also a popular digital host and columnist for Speaker Magazine and Speaker She’s a highly requested host for Speaker Success TV produced by Women’s Speakers Association, an international organization of 12,000 members. As the author of the Reinvention Roadmap (12 steps to a Reinvented Business), Marquesa serves clients like The City of San Jose, Texas Instruments, Pepsico, The Bible Institute, and hundreds more.

She’s been featured on MSNBC, New York Newsday, New York Daily News, 20 plus issues of Speaker Magazine, Voices of Experience Digital Magazine, 50 plus papers and blogs all over the country. She’s an advisor for the C-Suite Network in NYC.  Marquesa loves to say she’s single and happy living in NYC and she spends a bit of her time writing a syndicated column for reality TV.

Happy Reinventing, Marquesa
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